Artist Statement

My work is an expression of the subtle complexities and intricacies I observe in all of life that surrounds me. As I study life in all of it’s many forms and facets I am ever mindful of the miracles abound. I believe that as living beings, we are connected to each other as well as the physical world around us much more deeply and profoundly then one might realize by merely looking at the surface. As I take a closer look, I am beginning to make those connections in my own life… as time passes this truth becomes more resonant in my heart.

The series I am working on is called “Under the Surface” I think of each of my collage pieces as having a life of it’s own… with all of it’s vibrancy, muted and dark spaces coming together to create something of meaning. I strive to evoke a sense of unity while giving attention to the individual components that make up my collages. I call upon my intuition as I am in the process of creating my work.

Contrast encompasses all of the things I find most stimulating in art: contrast between light and dark, warm and cool, smooth and richly textured, straight and curved…  All of these concepts are ever-present in my thoughts as I strive to create a sense of connectedness and harmony in my collage pieces.

Because I paint and shape all of the components incorporated into my work, I have control over nuances of color and value, as well as freedom of texture, size and shape of all elements in my designs.

Shape, color and texture are the elements that are currently the focus of my work. As my work evolves this will be forever changing, much like the “changing currents” of the ocean, which often serves as my artistic inspiration.

As a symbol of connectedness, I always incorporate one piece of paper from my previously completed art piece into my current work. I’m very much drawn to the vertical format and work almost exclusively in that manner. I have come to realize that the reason for this is that, as I experience life, I am being drawn ever closer to the light of the Universe, which to me, feels much like a vertical light energy.