Rebecca and PaintingCardiff-by-the-Sea artist Rebecca Bauer says, “There is an absolute wisdom in nature that has always had a profound effect on me.”

As a young child, Rebecca discovered the beginning seeds of her artistic creativity when her family moved in 1973 to Leucadia, California. At that time the area was full of magical groves, open fields and enchanted beaches. Captivated by the wilderness environment, Rebecca left no natural wonder unexplored.

She has maintained her relationship with the natural world, being especially drawn to the Pacific Ocean and its shoreline. She finds the endless, ever changing environment an infinite pool of inspiration.

Rebecca says that one of her richest memories as a young girl is visiting the San Diego Art Museum with her mother. They were there for the Toulouse-Leutrec exhibition. Even to this day, she remembers the experience as magical. As they left the museum, she took with her a special kindred-ship with the artist.

In 1989 she married David Bauer –“the love of her life”— and they have two beautiful adult children, Andrea and Austin. Rebecca emphasizes that “the joys of family life are at the core of my being. “I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the love and support of my family.”

In 2000 Rebecca enrolled in her first art course at Mira Costa College with a friend who introduced her to the wonderful world of print making.  She says, “It was life changing”. She went on to take a couple more art courses including Color and Design, drawing and some watercolor.

She joined the San Diego Watercolor Society in 2001 and has since found her niche in her current style, which she refers to as “mixed media with an emphasis on painted collage elements.” By hand painting and shaping all the components she incorporates into her work, she has freedom over the texture, size and shape, as well as control over nuances of color and value. Her work reveals natural inspiration through contrasting design elements and richly textured materials. She says, “All of these elements are ever-present in my thoughts as I strive to create a sense of connectedness and harmony in my collage pieces.”

“My artwork is an expression of nature itself… a celebration of life in all of its many forms and facets.” She continues, “Each finished collage piece is symbolic of life: “Our experiences shape who we are, not every experience is completely beautiful in and of itself, but all together they make up an  extraordinarily beautiful being in an infinite sort of way. Very similar to the nature of Collage.”